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What is it about the Fringe that makes doing theatre so much
This is my first time in the Fringe Festival! It’s the coolest
atmosphere to now be a part of as a performer rather than an audience
member. There’s something magical about roaming through the Exchange
and being surrounded by people who are there to be a part of that magic,
too. There’s a lot of camaraderie between the companies and actors- that
is something special about Winnipeg’s theatre community in general
though, not just Fringe.
It’s my first Fringe show, so I guess I’m about to find out! As
an audience member though, I think what makes Fringe so exciting is the
amount of theatrical diversity that you can always expect to find. I love
seeing actors and directors experiment and explore, and I think the Fringe
Festival is always rich with that.
building a beautiful show on a shoestring budget, working with
a fabulous team of my fellow emerging artists, collaborating with up-and-
coming talent, an attitude of trying new things is encouraged, presenting
the show in a time and place when theatre fills the city!
Working on a show for the Fringe Festival is always such a unique
experience. Every show you work on is completely different from the last.
You have to be adaptable and make peace with the fact that you are always
going to be kept on your toes. It’s never dull, that’s for sure!
This is the first time I have actually been apart of shows in the
Fringe Festival. In the past I only volunteered. I love the Fringe so much
because it brings everyone in the arts together. All the different categories
of art come together for two and a half weeks and just bond and celebrate
life and the enjoyment of theatre. Fringe also allows up and coming artists
(Like the fantastic ones in Godspell) have chances to show their talents
which I find really amazing.
The sense of community always makes Fringe a must during the
summer. There are always new friendships to be made and old ones to
enjoy during the festival as well as this insurmountable feeling of joy at
being able to live in such a supportive, creative environment for the whole
of Fringe and months beforehand.
The Winnipeg Fringe is one of the most fun and rewarding
theatrical experiences I have ever come across. Everything is so accessible,
while at the same time being wild and wacky!
My first Fringe was fourteen years ago, and I have been hooked
ever since then. It’s so much fun! There’s all the people traffic in Old
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