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Market Square, and the food, and the stage, and the vendors. Plus there is the
opportunity to connect with local artists and artists from all over the world!
You get to see shows that you might have never seen otherwise and so many
of them for so cheap! It’s a blast. It’s also a great and fairly low-risk opportunity
for young artists to get involved and learn about producing and directing and
marketing. Many of my best memories and stories stem from my involvement
at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.
In Fringe you get some of the wackiest, most beautiful shows that you
would never see be put on in the regular theatre season! The Fringe also brings
this amazing energy that makes doing a show or seeing one incredibly fun!
One of my first Fringe shows was
Origin of the Species
. It was an
unusual play and I had the great pleasure of working with actors Nancy Drake
and Laura Schroeder. We had such a ball that summer and I was hooked. I
have done a number of fringe shows since and it’s really one of my favorite
vehicles for trying new works and taking unusual risks. It has been a pleasure
working with Tat and Paul and such a tremendous, enthusiastic group of young
emerging artists.
Why should people come see this show?
Godspell is about finding love and truth and beauty in everything you
do. We are such a diverse group of people and the show manages to bring
out all of our talents and special quirks in cool ways. Plus, the harmonies are
incredible. It’s going to be a fun, refreshing, energizing show!
The music is so fantastic and fun. It is a vibrant score that is full of
energy and stellar arrangements. Hearing this talented cast bring the music
off the page has been incredibly exciting for me, and I think that everyone else
should hear it too!
People should come see this show because I know it’s going to make
them leave with a huge smile! It’s not just a show where you sit back and
relax... Get ready for some audience participation!
The show is filled with so much joy! Everyone involved is putting their
heart and soul into the process and that will be evident onstage. I hope it will
be an uplifting experience for the audience.
People should come see
because, like grandma’s homemade
pie, a lot of love went into it.
Whether you are religious or not -
is a very positive show
that all audiences will enjoy. My favourite part is the story invites audience
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