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In his notes on
, Stephen Schwartz states that this show, is a deceptively
difficult one to direct. He cautions against the piece appearing formless or
haphazard, because despite the seeming lack of a linear plot, there is a story
underneath all these songs and parables that you are about to see. It may not
be evident as we begin this journey. However, I challenge you as an audience
member to find your own personal meaning while you watch this phenomenal
cast and carry it with you out of PTE and into the world.
I have loved
for a long time, mostly at first because of the amazing
music. As I have explored the show further from a director’s perspective, I’ve
come to appreciate it even more than I did as a fifteen year old listening to
the soundtrack. Schwartz and his collaborator, the late John-Michael Tebelak,
were extremely smart individuals. They created something that is complex and
layered yet extremely accessible for everyone regardless of age, background,
religious perspective, or taste. With this production, we as a company have
tried to give the show a contemporary feel without losing any of the edge or
experimentalist spirit that made this piece such a hit in the 70’s and allowed
it to endure. This
was truly a collaborative endeavour and it would
not have been possible without the hard work, love, smarts, and spirit of this
incredible company.
Thank you for coming to sing about love with us this Fringe! If you enjoyed the
show please connect with us on Twitter at @GodspellWpg14 or on Winnipeg
winnipegstudiotheatre/ and tell all your friends, family, and strangers to come
check out our little skit.
All the best,
Tatiana Carnevale
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