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How did you become interested in musical directing /
choreographing / performing / production / etc?
I was a very fortunate child and was raised surrounded by the music
and movies of Disney, and that’s definitely where my passion for performing
began. The exact moment of my calling to the stage was when I first saw the
touring company of
Phantom of the Opera
perform at the Centennial Concert
Hall, I was singing the Christine Daae part for months after that.
I had wonderful teachers growing up who inspired me and were able to
help me become exactly the performer I wanted to be. The first musical I ever
saw was Annie and from that point on I knew theatre had to be something I
pursued within whatever capacity I could.
My dad always played the full-length, double-cassette, cast
recording of
The Phantomof the Opera
on road trips, and it was always my dream
to play Christine Daae. Finally, in middle school, I convinced my parents to let
me take voice lessons. After that came countless Music Festival performances
and school plays. I was hooked!
When I arrived in Canada from Poland, I had a really hard time with
English and communicating with others was difficult until coming across the
theatre and choral departments in high school. The first time that my friends
heard me really talk was when I spoke my lines in my first play! Singing with
a choir has taught me correct pronunciation and I’ve learned an incredible
amount of new words! Choir’s also where I found my passion for percussion
and drumming. I’ve got a big collection of percussion instruments from all
around the world, which you’ll see, in the show. I highly recommend that any
newcomer should join the theatre and/or choral programs in their school
because it’s changed my life!
As a child, I was always designing little sets with my Barbies and
Playmobil, and loved making outfits for paper dolls - early costuming! I trained
in musical theatre for many years, including several with the StudioWorks
program (back when it was still called YoungStars!) and have always loved
theatre, especially musicals. I am happiest when contributing to a show in a
creative capacity and love the problem-solving and collaborative aspects of
design, and it’s exciting to use experiences from my past training to help make
a show the best it can be.
This is actually the very first musical I have ever worked on. I guess what
got me interested in working on a musical production is it’s such a challenge.
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