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It takes a lot of moving parts coming together harmoniously to make a musical
happen. As a stage manager, I love the challenge.
When I sawmy very first professional production I was completely
awestruck by the production sets, costumes, lights, and transitions and I
whispered to myself “I want to do that.” I can tell you right now that I am one
of the only people I know that gets goose bumps watching really clever and
smooth scene transitions!
I have been involved in theatre since grade school as a performer.
I kind of fell into directing in 2010, when I really wanted to produce
[title of
at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, but I wanted to make sure it went my
way! I really enjoyed that experience, though I promised myself I would never
act (I played Heidi) and direct at the same time again, and I realized I kind of
like directing things more than acting, and was better at it. You can eat as many
donuts as you want and don’t have to go to the gym when you’re a director!
I have been pursuing almost exclusively directing opportunities.
While I was studying at the University of Guelph, I got to assistant direct two
shows. Then I moved back to Winnipeg and was involved with local director
Krista Jackson in the awesome mentorship program supported by ACI.
After that I directed a new play by a high school playwright for the Scirocco
High School Playwriting Competition. I love directing because of the unique
challenges it presents. There is the opportunity to be really creative and
innovative. There’s also a ton of hard work and research involved, but it’s so
collaborative. I feel like directing is a great way for me to combine the practical
training I received while studying acting at the University of Winnipeg, and the
theoretical knowledge from my MA at the University of Guelph. The support
of amazing mentors like Krista and Kayla has really encouraged me to continue
making my way in this field.
I became interested in performing at a very young age. I started taking
singing and acting lessons when I was about 10 years old, which led me into
not wanting to do anything else but perform. I also remember watching
repeatedly as a child and thinking it was thee best thing! So John Travolta could
have been my muse…
Is there any special preparation you did to prepare for this
Whenwe foundoutwewerecast, I ran intoReanna (theChoreographer)
who said, “Better get your cardio up!” with a smirk. I knew she meant it, and I
was terrified. I’ve been running…hopefully that helps.
Working out to get ready for Reanna’s tough choreography!
In the show I’m going to have to tell a story as I drum! To be able to
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