Do you have old format tapes at home? Do you still have the video equipment to view these priceless memories? Did you know that over time the quality of video tapes can deteriorate? We can convert all video tape formats to DVD.  At Ironstone, we handle all consumer video tape formats including VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, PAL VHS, Sony Beta, 8mm Tape and Digital 8 Tape. We use professional equipment to play and process your family treasures. Our equipment can minimize noise and tracking issues that are common among these formats. The result is a DVD that is playable on any DVD player, Blu-ray player or computer. And once converted, they are easy to duplicate for backup or to share with family members.

In addition to converting your video to DVD, Ironstone can also provide video to HDD (hard drive) or USB so you can edit the videos yourself, if you wish. We use professional equipment to ensure top quality transfers, reduce missed frames and minimize noise. You can provide the external hard drive or we can provide one for you at current competitive pricing.

Quality & Value


Each job is unique and specific to your needs.  We will maximize your value by combining tapes onto a single DVD where possible.  Other companies charge extra for services that are standard for Ironstone. We’re confident that few companies can deliver the quality, customization and service we offer … all at a competitive price and time.

Safe & Secure


All work is done on-site in our office in Winnipeg.  Unlike major chains, we do not ship your tapes out of province, or out of Canada.  When you drop your tapes off, they are catalogued and recorded.  We handle you home movies with thoughtful care and attention.  While we perform the video transfer, they are store in our safe and secure environment.

Expert Knowledge


All transfers are completed using professional grade equipment.  Damaged tapes are repaired and our equipment will minimize frame drop-outs, tracking errors and jitter. Video is first digitized and reviewed for quality assurance.  Once reviewed, your video is then authored into a custom DVD with multiple chapter points.  Chapter points allow you to quickly find and play sections of your video.

Tape to DVD Transfer Pricing

Tape LengthPrice
(up to 120 minutes)
$27.95 each
VHS - EP or LP
(over 120 minutes)
$34.95 each
VHS PAL Conversion$34.95 each
Sony Beta Tapes$27.95 each
Sony 8mm Tape or Digital 8$27.95 each
Mini-DV Tape$27.95 each

Convenient Winnipeg Location

We are located at:

534 Berry Street
Winnipeg, MB
R3H 0R9


Monday – Friday / 9:00 am – 5:00pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays


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