Since the audio CD was first introduced in 1982, it has become the most popular pre-recorded music format available. It was followed in 1985 by the CD-ROM format which added the capability to store data, pictures, videos and more. These two formats are ideally suited for productions runs of 500+ units by using a manufacturing process that is both quick and economical. In 1990 the recordable CD (CD-R) was introduced creating a cost effective method for lower volume duplication.

Ironstone Technologies offers a full range of CD duplication and replication services including:

  • CD mastering and replication
  • CD-R duplication and printing
  • CD/DVD Authoring
  • Inkjet, Screen and offset printing
  • Burn-on-demand for quick short runs
  • Disc packaging (custom and standard options)
  • Art and design services

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