CD Extra discs are compact discs that contain a data partition in addition to the regular audio tracks.  In terms of the ‘physical location’ on the disc, this type of CD has the audio tracks written first, then followed by the data partition.  This means that the CD will play normally in audio CD players which will be oblivious to the additional data partition.  However, when inserted in a computer, the data partition will be revealed.

The advantage of including a data partition is that additional digital information can be included on the CD.  One option is to include extensive photographs, background information or digital booklets.  Including this information digitally means that multipage booklets can be included without incurring the cost of printing.  Other information that could be included includes video, games and even .mp3 files of the actual CD.

Creating a CD Extra requires a specialized CD recording program such as Nero, CD Creator or Toast.  If you are interested in enhancing your next CD project, contact the mastering experts at Ironstone Technologies.