Following on the success of the CD format, the DVD was introduced in 1996. While the same size as compact discs, DVDs were developed to be read using a ‘blue’ laser as opposed to the ‘red’ lasers used the CDs. The shorter wavelength laser means that more data could be packed into the same size disc. DVDs can hold up to 4.7gb of data or video. A unique feature of the DVD specification is that when introduced it contemplated dual layer (DVD-9) and dual sided (DVD-10) modes. A standard DVD (DVD-5) can hold around 2 hours of video making it ideal for feature films. The bulk of discs produced today are either single layer DVD-5 or dual layer DVD-9.

For volumes under 500 units, recordable DVD (DVD-R) is generally used. While dual layer DVD-Rs were introduced in 2002, the single layer DVD-R remains the most common.

Ironstone offers a full range of DVD duplication, replication and video services, including:

  • DVD-5/DVD-9 mastering and replication
  • DVD-R/DVD-DL duplication and printing
  • DVD Authoring
  • Video production and editing
  • Inkjet, Screen and offset printing
  • Disc packaging (custom and standard options)
  • Art and design services

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