Digital Publishing
In order to get more readers, many businesses offer digital versions of existing print documents. However, a digital annual report or corporate brochure is not constrained by the same limitations that restrict their print equivalent. Last month, we mentioned how adding an table of contents can convert a linear document to an interactive publication. Adobe Acrobat PDFs can also incorporate multimedia elements that involve the reader in ways not available to print. One of the easiest methods of enhancing your document is by including video. With Acrobat 9, it is possible to embed video and player directly within a document. This can be done quickly and easily and will make your document stand out. Here is an example of some product information on the Epson Discproducer with a video demonstration of the software. Another example of an interactive PDF was created by Pink Floyd musician David Gilmour featuring his concert at the Gdansk shipyards in Poland. Both these files are 30mb due to the embedded video so make sure you have a fast internet connection. But video need not be embedded and a version of the concert pdf with linked video can be found here. Remember, that what you’re viewing is a single interactive PDF document, not an HTML web page. These pdfs can be placed on the web, incorporated on a CD or shared via twitter, facebook or email. Interactive PDFs are designed for the desktop and some of their features are not available when viewed on a tablet or smartphone. Nonetheless, they are a great way to differentiate your documents and make them stand out.